What is email aliasing?
This is a service provided by DJ.COM.AU and Spin Internet Services where you can have an email address with a domain. This means you can have an email address such as or

Who is this service available to?
This service is available to all individuals, organisations or corporations who are professionally involved in the Australian dance/club/rave industries. It is not avaliable to the general public.

What this service is not.....
This service is not an Internet Service Provider dial up account nor is it an email account from where you can log on and retrieve email messages from; you must already possess and existing email account, whether it is from work, college or an Internet Service Provider. (For enquiries regarding obtaining dial up or email accounts, please contact Spin Internet Services.)

How does it work?
The service will forward all email messages sent to your address to your exisitng email account. For example, if your existing email account is:
and you have subscribed to the aliasing service as:
all messages sent to will be forwarded immediately to the mailbox.

You can thus give out your email address as and still retrieve your email messages as normal (from your address).

Benefits of this service
The benefits of this service are:

  • You possess an email address which is easy to remember (especially when giving it out on a noisy club)
  • You possess and email address which is descriptive of your interest/profession.
  • You can be independant of your existing email account. If you change jobs, leave college or change ISPs and your email account changes, we can change your aliasing service to your new email account at no extra charge. This way, your email address will always remain the same.
  • You can also (optionally) be listed on the Rolodecks which will be available on our website; this increases your contactability.

What are the charges?
This service is charged at $5 per month, minimum payment 6 months in advance ($30).

Who is eligible?
The service is only available to individuals or corporates who are involved in the Australian dance/club/rave industry; it order to authenticate your identity we will need you to nominate a referee who can verify your eligibility. This referee will need to be a current subscriber of the email aliasing service and/or someone familiar to the organisation.

What names can I use for my email address?
The name you choose as your email address will need to be derived directly from your trading name (including band name), legal name, real name or your dj alias; for example John Smith might be able to select from one of the following: . Validation may be required.

How do I apply for subscription to the email aliasing service?

  1. Read the terms and conditions.
  2. Complete the application form.
  3. Send you payment via cheque or money order to:
    Spin Internet Services
    6/87 Reserve Rd.
    Artarmon, NSW, 2064
  4. Your application will be processed as soon as the payment is received. You will be informed as soon as the processing of your application is completed.
If you have any enquiries, please email:


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