Email Aliasing - Terms and Conditions

The "Provider" refers to Spin Internet Services/DJ.COM.AU.

The "Service" refers to the provision of e-mail address aliasing service using the domain, as described in the document, Email Aliasing.

The "Customer" refers to any individual, business or group subscribing to Services provided by the Provider.

Provision of Service
The use of the Service is at the is at the Customer's own risk. The Provider shall provide the Service to the best of its ability. The Service is not guaranteed to be uninterrupted or fault-free, and it is understood that the Service may be occasionally affected by factors beyond the Provider's control.

Email Address Aliasing
The fee paid for Email Address Aliasing entitles the customer use of the agreed domain email address and to be forwarded to an email account nominated by the customer.

Payment of Services shall be made in advance for at least six month's service at one of four monthly billing dates (7th, 15th, 23rd or last day of month). Payments shall be paid by cheque, money order or automatic credit card deduction where possible or by other suitable method as negotiated. Any charges resulting from the inaccurate supply of account details shall be charged to the Customer. The Customer is responsible for all and any charges incurred by them while connected to the Service.

Rules of the Service
The Customer shall not use nor permit any other persons to use the Service for any criminal or unlawful purpose or activity or for any infringement of copyright information.

The Customer may not use, nor allow any other party to use the Service for the purpose of sending any other person or party(s) any form of communication deemed by the receiver(s) to be abusive, indecent, offensive, menacing or persistently annoying.

The unethical use of trademarks, trading names or dj aliases without permission within the context of a domain email address is strictly forbidden.

The on-sell or resale of the service to any other parties, regardless of profitability, is strictly forbidden.

The rights to all domain email addresses remain the possession of the Provider; the Provider retain the rights to the usage of the address upon termination of service with the Customer.

The Provider may monitor or keep any records that the Provider deems necessary of the Customer's use of the Service.

Exclusion of Liability
While all reasonable care is taken in the provision of the Service the Provider shall not have any liability in contract, or otherwise to any person in respect to any loss or damage (including without limitation direct or consequential loss, financial loss or loss of other contract) arising from the provision of Services or of any inaccuracy, errors or omissions from any part of the Provider's computers and its subsidiaries and suppliers. The Provider makes no guarantees as to the customer's ability to access any part of the Service at any time.

Right of termination
The Provider reserves the right to cancel Services without notice at any time if the Customer has contravened any of the Terms and Conditions, or for any other reason deemed suitable by the Provider.

The Customer may terminate this agreement at any time with seven days written notice to the Provider and any outstanding fees shall be payable immediately. In no circumstances shall the customer be entitled to any refund of payments.

Any notice which may be given or served by the Provider to the Customer shall be deemed to have been duly served when sent via electronic mail to the Customer's mailbox on the Service, or by post or facsimile to the address provided by the Customer. Any notice which may be served by the Customer to the Provider must be sent by facsimile to or left at the premises of the Provider or sent by post to the Provider's postal address.

The Provider reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time and shall serve notice of such changes one month in advance.


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