amplifier - about us has been created by an ever expanding collective of who are dedicated to dance music and the culture that has grown around it. The web site has been developed as a platform for the exchange and discussion of ideas and information related to every aspect of dance music and club culture both at home and abroad, but with a particular emphasis on the Australian scene.

The site is a resource for anyone interested in dance music, and includes and many other snippets of interesting information. A major component of the project, is the formation of content partnerships with other related organisations. These arrangements allows us to host sites for people such as Substance magazine, and as our partnerships with ever more organisations grow, will eventually result in a convenient way for people to view the most relevant sites to the industry, all under one banner.

Making relevant to clubbers, party goers, promoters, dj's,musicians and industry professionals alike is our number one priority. We want to know what you think makes the scene tick. The site provides lots of opportunities for you to tell us what you think and the responses we receive will help us to keep our fingers on the pulse, and continue to give you the site that you need! is an interactive service, and we want your unique style and attitude to help us make it the most important bookmark on your browser. If you have any feed back, comments or contributions to offer, we'd love to hear from you.

Happy clubbing!

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