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At we believe that charts need not be confined to music alone. Infact, just about anything can be ordered into meaningless and subjective lists of perceived value. Here are some of our favourites...

TOP TEN Foxtel programs
(according to patrick)
1 Six Million Dollar Man She's a Fly Girl
She's a fly girl
2 The Bionic Woman
4 Simpsons
5 Top Of The Pops
6 Ice Hockey
7 Real Sex
8 Space 1999
9 Ren & Stimpy
10 Saturday Night Live
TOP TEN Farmhouse Recipies
(according to dan)
1 Debden Chocolate Pudding
2 Lardy Cakes
3 Acid Drops
4 Liverpool Christmas Loaf
5 Sally Sly Cakes
6 Bosworth Jumbles
7 Crempog
8 Golden Sponge
9 Old English Trifle
10 Bread & Butter Pudding
TOP TEN Late Night Takeaways,
Oxford St, Sydney
(according to sheen)
1 Chicken Burger (Chicken With a Difference)
2 Butter Chicken (Indian Home Diner)
3 Pizza Supreme (Olympic Yeeros)
4 Grilled Chicken Burger (Hungry Jacks)
5 Singaporean Noodles (Tin Hong)
6 Portugese Chicken (Chicken with A Difference)
7 Beef Curry (Tamara's North Indian Diner)
8 Combination Stir Fry (Emporers)
9 Fillet O'Fish (McDonalds)
10 Doner Kebab (Olympic Yeeros)
sampled in various states of consiousness
TOP TEN things to eat in America
(according to liz)
A pack of twinkies
1 Boston cream donuts
2 Clam chowder
3 Hersheys Hugs (mmm white chocolate hugging milk chocolate mmm)
4 Cherry Coke
5 Cherry 7-Up
6 Hersheys Cookies & Cream
7 Reeces Pieces (mmm peanut butter cups)
8 Twinkies (only for breakfast though)
9 Peanut butter M&Ms
10 Hamburgers (like you have a choice)
TOP TEN Clubbing no-no's
(according to claire)
1 Sunglasses on your head or on your face - do you really want to look like you're trying that hard?
2 White platform boots and halter tops - just go home.
3 Glow sticks/laser key rings - never, ever.
4 Whistles - you are annoying EVERYONE
5 Enthusiastic air punching/hand waving
6 Any dancing action that requires the use of more dance floor space than is usually needed for one person - no-one will tell you to your face because you appear to be insane, however you should be aware - you look like an idiot and everyone is laughing at you.
7 Making requests to the dj - fool!
8 "I'm so trashed, man"
9 E'd up shoulder rubs - I do not want to be touched, and it doesn't feel good.
10 "I've got this track" - shut up.
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