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NSW Draft Code of Practice for Dance Parties


The purpose of this Code of Practice is to assist promoters to hold professionally organised, legal and hassle free Dance parties in suitable locations, conducted in a responsible manner, which are safe for patrons, and do not disturb neighbouring properties.

The Code of Practice aims to set standards which Dance parties must meet. The Code also aims to help promoters to work with the Police Service and local Councils to identify good venues for Dance parties, and then get the approvals and consents needed under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act (EP&A Act) and the Local Government Act (LG Act) to hold the Dance party.

The Code uses the term 'dance' party to include a wide variety of parties, including 'rave' parties. Dance parties are legitimate forms of entertainment, but must be run professionally and safely.

Dance parties usually involve:

  • an indoor venue with a large open space suitable for dancing, but may be held outdoors;
  • 50 to several thousand people;
  • late start and late finish, possibly into the following day;
  • dance (usually techno) music with disc jockeys, although there can be live music;
  • a laser light show;
  • young people as patrons;
  • being called Dance or Rave parties;
  • a commercial venture;
  • a charge for admission.

In this Code the term 'promoter' is used to generally refer to all people who plan, set up and run Dance parties, such as promoters, organisers and managers.

Promoters have a moral and legal obligation to act reasonably, including planning, to avoid risks they could reasonably expect to occur, to ensure the health and safety of patrons at their events.

This paper is issued for public comment. Public responses are welcome on the content, wording or layout of the document, and should be forwarded to the NSW Ministry for Police.

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