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NSW Draft Code of Practice for Dance Parties

9. To Organise A Dance Party

A flow chart of the major things a promoter should do to organise a Dance Party.

As soon as possible

  • Decide on the area you want to hold the Dance party in.
    • Check Council local planning instruments to find out where a Dance party can be held, and what approvals and consents are needed.
  • Identify a venue for the Dance party.
    • Check with local Council for suitability of the venue and what is needed to apply to Council to hold the party there.
    • Discuss travel, safety, security arrangements for the party with local Police.

60 days

  • Lodge the necessary applications with the Council to hold the Dance party at the venue.

40 days

  • Arrange public liability insurance cover.

31 days

  • If needed, contact the Court Registry of the Licensing Court of NSW for a liquor licence, or to hold an under 18s dance party on licensed premises.
  • Talk to local bus companies/SRA about transport arrangements for the event as needed.
  • Hire licensed security staff, appoint Security Controller, make security plans.
  • Notify local Police of Council approval.
  • Hire adequate first aid staff.

21-14 days

  • Advise the Fire Brigade, Ambulance, Health Dept of the event.

During the event

  • Make sure refreshments, especially water, are available during the event.
  • Keep a written record of any violence, ill health etc.

Within 24 hours of the event finishing

  • Organise and carry out a clean up of the venue.
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