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NSW Draft Code of Practice for Dance Parties

6. How To Make An Application To Council

The ideal location

The ideal location is one removed from residential areas, preferably with public transport access, with a venue that is safe for patrons, but where parking and noise will have limited effect on surrounding uses, particularly residential areas.

Consider the location and consult Council early

Appropriate locations for Dance parties may be within such zonings as industrial, light industrial, commercial and recreational. As the land uses within zones may vary, this should be discussed with the Council at a very early stage. You need to consider neighbours and surrounding land uses. This is particularly important if the venue is not usually used for public entertainment.

A venue that is currently used for public entertainment may already have a development consent and an A8 approval for the type of party being proposed. Check, and if that is the case make sure that the party will conform with the conditions of consent and approval.

A place of public entertainment approval indicates that public entertainment can be held in that building, as long as you comply with any conditions of that approval. If no approval exists, the promoter will need to get early expert advice, arrange discussions with the Council concerned, and consider whether any necessary alterations can be made to the building.

Start early

Allow time for research and discussion with all the relevant agencies. Note that a development application and applications for local Council approvals can take up to forty days before a decision is given.

It is also necessary for promoters to consult with the local Patrol Commander of the NSW Police Service about the Dance party soon after they start talking to the local Council.

An application for a liquor license should be lodged 21 days before the date of the proposed Dance party. For further information, contact the Licensing Court - Court Registry on telephone (02) 9289 8894, and facsimile (02) 9289 8819.

Discuss all aspects with the Council

Council will be able to advise you on the type of consents (under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act) and approvals (under the Local Government Act) required, how to make applications, the process, and how long this will take. Council may identify premises already with A8 approvals which are suitable for your function (particularly premises under Council control and/or publicly available).

It is important that promoters have the following information available at discussions with Councils:

  • desired location and type of venue;
  • the type of event i.e. dancing to amplified music, live music;
  • starting and finishing times of the event;
  • anticipated number of patrons, including maximum;
  • transport/parking arrangements;
  • possible impacts of the party, such as noise, on nearby areas;
  • any measures to limit possible impacts;
  • any information or plans from an expert consultant or the building owner/agent, etc.

You may also need (for the particular building concerned) to discuss with council additional requirements concerning:

  • provision of toilet facilities;
  • building regulations relevant to the venue;
  • electrical matters;
  • drinking water/refreshments;
  • security;
  • first aid;
  • insurance;
  • clean up.

When the venue is under the management of Council

Many halls and community centres are publicly owned and managed by Councils or management committees. These premises may be good for public entertainment and should be considered for a Dance party.

Councils may control public land suitable to accommodate temporary structures (eg large tents or marquees) for a Dance party. Negotiations with Councils will be on a commercial basis. Tent hire companies may provide help.

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