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NSW Draft Code of Practice for Dance Parties

This draft Code of Practice has been prepared with the assistance of the NSW Police Service, the Department of Urban Affairs and Planning, the Department of Local Government, the Department of Gaming and Racing, the Health Department, The Cabinet Office, Workcover NSW and the NSW Bus and Coach Association. The Dance Party Guidelines for Western Australia and South Australia were also of assistance.

This document incorporates material from the 'Guidelines for Dance Parties' jointly prepared by the Department of Urban Affairs and Planning and the Department of Local Government.

The draft Code is designed to be consistent with the National Protocols for Conducting Safer Dance Parties.

This draft Code of Practice has been developed by the NSW Ministry for Police, for public comment.

This draft Code of Practice does not necessarily represent the views of the NSW Government.

Please forward comments to:

    Code of Practice for Dance Parties

    PO Box 869
    NSW 2010

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  1. Planning for a Dance Party
  2. Security
  3. First Aid
  4. Liquor and Dance parties on Licensed Premises
  5. Consents and Approvals to Stage a Dance Party
  6. How to make an Application to Local Council
  7. Legal Issues with Dance Parties
  8. Building Requirements
  9. To Organise a Dance Party (flow chart)
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