December '97
Our Christmas '97 issue gets bigger than ever with features on LTJ Bukem's timeless jungle, a look at the modern day witch, the artists that don't want to be known as KLF anymore, Q's new novel 'Deadmeat' and in a spin with the Propellerheads, plus all our regular charts, tech tips and reviews.

October '97
After the excitement of our first Exclusive Online Issue, we slip back into normality with Pee Wee's first album, contemporary pop artist Robert Fischer, Punk survivor Johh Lydon and the emergence of R&B superstars K-Ci & JoJo plus Kiva rising high and the miniest mobile phones we could find.

September '97 : Exclusive Online Issue
Packed with content - our online special delves into DJs Downunder star HMC, Australia's first Dance Music Convention, Dutch techno boffins DJ Misjah & Tim, their nextdoor neighbour (well... Belgium!) CJ Bolland, the art teacher and programmer now known as Coldcut (TATAPNKAC?) and Michael Franti's one man crusade. If you get through all of that, we've still got our regular reviews, charts and rising stars.

August '97
Features on Our House, Paul Van Dyk, Street Luge and a spotlight on Brisbane. Get tied up in the fashion shoot, Matt L's Drum 'n Bass and lots of new tunes, charts and technology.

July '97
Features on Afrika Bambaataa, Pocket, Snowboarding and a spotlight on Adelaide. A heavenly fashion shoot, Jandy Rainbow's funky techno and a tonne of beats, breaks and basslines.

June '97
Features on B.A.S.E. Jumping, Bexta and John Stapleton. An insider's look at Australian Fashion Week and a spacey fashion shoot. Mike D rises high and Danny Tenaglia submits his top ten, plus much more!