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210 Wickham St, Fortitude Valley

Relatively speaking, Brisbane has a pretty chequered history comments aside for a minute, you'll see The Tube (open since Sept '94) has an impressive record under his belt - one any establishment would be proud to call their own. A guest list history as long as Tall Paul, a proven track record on larger events (Mass Volume 1 I worship thee) and several rooms at their disposal which they have no hesitation in using. The club also enjoys the privilege of Troy (DJ Barking Boy) as joint head of promotions with Sue Cleary. And while he may not exude it in his considered, laid-back tone, the guy has an idea or two bouncing around his head and he knows what heís talking about.

The strong support the club is experiencing throughout its various nights (Wednesday through to Sunday) is the clearest proof. And it's a genuinely cosy place to be when it's cold outside. Five dollar entry, many free entry times. Punters vary in age and dress. Expect to see eighteen and nineteen year olds in trainers and baggy pants mingling with the older glamour queens and kings. The decor is underground basement / industrial, the intelligent lighting does the biz, and the IOK sound is clean, loud and punchy. It also holds a lot of people. 'Nuff said.

339 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley

Friday and Saturday nights at the spacious pub/club, were initially pretty slow in the first few months following its opening in early 1996, but the nights home truly come into their own since early days. Expect to see a dancefloor rammed with people dancing with each other. There are no ordered lines and ranks of punters facing the DJ at this place. People are dotted all over the venue doing their own thing. You'll find all sorts here - students, indies, clubbers, hippies - it's full, fun and happy. Just what a club should be in 1997. Free entry.

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Queensland's premier gay venue, playing host to one of the finest restaurants and coffee shop style cafes. The Wickham patronage is a mixed crew and are always up for a good time. It's the place to eat, drink and be merry.

Ric's Cafe on Brunswick Street has, for a long time, been regarded as the funkiest place to chill out in Brisbane. Open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, patrons can pop next door to Fat boys for a bite to eat, then carry on the rest of the night dancing, drinking or just doing the social thing at Ric's. Sunday nights in particular are a must, where the joint presents DJs create some very smooth vibes. You can however, be entertained here any night of the week with a variety of binds and events on offer.

For something a little more intimate, the aptly named Bitch Cafe caters for a somewhat neo-bohemian crowd. This cosy cafe is yet another of the Brunswick Street attractions. As a melting pot of youth culture, the Bitch Cafe is superb venue for a quick coffee or snack.

text - Tori Grice, Michael Watt


` The name of the shopping game in Brisbane is undoubtedly quality, not quantity. Even with the recent additions of some big name Australian designer stores such as Brave, Morrisey Edmiston and Saba, it is plain to see that the funkiest fashion emporiums were always right before our eyes.

Certainly, the biggest and most established of these fashion emporiums, is the ever popular and multi-faceted Chi Chi Deluxe, located on Elizabeth Street. Clothing-wise, Chi Chi is best if you are searching for funky club and street wear and perfect if you ever need to buy a gift, with CDs, groovy homeware and an abundance of completely useless but nonetheless amusing nick nacks, trying to decide what to buy is often the hardest task.

If you are willing to pay a little extra in order to get something a bit out of the ordinary, go straight to Oxygen and do not pass go. This fresh faced clothing store, which now has two locations on Elizabeth Street, is jam packed with exclusive club and street wear.

Tred Footwear undoubtedly wins the prize for the most unusual yet aesthetically pleasing store in Brisbane. Tred offers a vast array of street shoes, with a superior selection of Skechers and Airwalk. We should all remember than shoes can make or break an outfit, hence making Tred the perfect end to a shopping expedition, Brisbane style.

After a hard day of wardrobe assembly one needs music to relieve the stress of major decision making, and with several quality record stores specialising in dance music this task is almost made easy. BPM Records is at its new location in Charlotte Street and Rocking Horse Records on Adelaide Street both carry a wide range of dance CDs and vinyl, with experienced staff always happy to oblige if recommendations are needed.

Central Station which has two outlets, in the Queen Street Mall and on the Gold Coast, is also a good place to frequent. They stock a wide range of musical genres and a variety of DJ equipment and accessories.


If you haven't heard of DJ Angus, the scratchmaster from Brisbane, then you've either been into Rock 'n Roll for the past eight years, or you've just hit legal age. Aside from being well respected for his mixing abilities, such is the class of Angus' scratching skills that they've captured the likes of John Digweed latest venture 'Intoxication' on Jackpot Records, a track which debuted at no. 1 in Mixmag. It's doing well across Australia at the moment as Digweed and Angus remain in close association with future production ventures on the horizon.

Angus' is currently resident at The Tube Nightclub, playing kickin' Hard House on Fridays @ Cheeky and Saturdays @ S.L.A.M.. You can also catch him on 4ZZZ's Crucial Cutz on Saturday evenings.

Substance caught up with Edwin Morrow, Brisbane's most versatile personality, who's well respected for his DJing, promoting, performing and producing. This likeable pioneer of the Brisbane dance scene has spawned the careers of many of Brisbane's top DJs through his Adrenalin dance parties, which began in '91. He is currently resident five nights a week at Beat Nightclub in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley.


Here's one lady who knows how to kick arse. Through sheer determination and dedication DJ Jen E has steadily worked up a credible reputation across the country, earning respect wherever she ventures with her impeccably flawless mixing and programming. Constantly leaving bystanders in awe this hot feline, who is constantly referred to as Australia's no 1. female DJ, is here to stay and her popularity is just reward for her dedication to the decks.

You can catch Jen E on Wednesday nights at Addictive @ The Tube, UK/DT @ M25, System 6 @ The Roxy and on 4ZZZ's Crucial Cutz on Saturdays.

text - Troy Linthorne, Peter Maltman, Michael Watt, Tori Grice