KLF Jeremy Deller? Who the fuck is Jeremy Deller anyway? It's a Wednesday, like any other, and a riddle lands in my lap. It's a buxom puzzle, and initial inspections would reveal The KLF are staging a come back. Yet, the never to return duo aided by Monsieur Jeremy Deller, are now 2K. As in Two Thousand. The front of the CD declares a familiar 'no smoking' style red slash, paralysing those three omnipotent letters, KLF. Any former references are to be made to the Justified And Ancients Of Mu Mu. The only thing we're certain of is that someone in this menage-a-trois wants to Fuck The Millennium, and far be it for us to argue. What could be argued, however; after such a belligerent departure from the Music Industry in 1992; is how can the artists formerly known as the KLF, expect a fresh lick of paint to possibly justify be taken seriously, or restore their god-hood. Especially now, in this global era of the dreaded comeback tour. And especially the KLF - renown hi-jinxters and nose-thumbers extraodinaire!

This, of course, is on the grand and puritanical assumption that seriousness is what they're looking for. Considering this has never been their calling card, there simply must be another reason for this blatantly titled comeback. More than just a cash-in. More than just me in a state of denial, determined to vindicate my youth. Either way, the missing link in this puzzle has to be Mister Jeremy Deller.

"Well, a lot of the stuff I do is commentary at least, if not protest. This is the biggest thing I've ever done, and might be biggest thing I ever do. It's such a high profile record and event, working with them. I've obviously known the KLF for their music for a long time. The music and the manipulation went hand in hand; which is what made them interesting as a band. A lot of bands don't have much to say for themselves. But Bill and Jimmy have done so much, it was always going to be a good experience".

Putting the, 'F.U.N', Back In Dysfunctional

Now, in 1997, Fuck The Millennium has taken the enterprise three steps further. Firstly, with the inclusion of a political point of contention - the wastage of tax payers money for the turn of the millennium. Secondly, the inclusion of The KLF as corporate raiders in the media market. This is more than just a single. The live, staged video enters into the realms of performance art. And thirdly, to complete the synergy, the five year long striking Liverpool Dockers' Union - a people grossly affected by the indifference of their government's spending priorities.

"They (the rest of the world) will get it subliminally, if they don't get it directly. But, Fuck The Millennium is pretty upfront in the record, so they will hear it. And they might feel the same, you never know".

text - Nicole Fossati
images - Gautier Deblonde, Ralph Perou