Propellerheads "Old school? New school? Wake up funky brother.... school's out!" The Propellerheads.

They've been dubbed "a loose term for a whole lot of collaborations"..... compared to the likes of The Prodigy and Chemical Brothers.... and many have tried to categorise their music..... But it's impossible. The Propellerheads (Alex Gillford and Will White) are, in their own words, "easy listening for the hard of hearing".

The Propellerheads' first single, 'Dive', was a milestone. Released through Wall Of Sound, it gained global recognition for its distinctive sound, establishing the Propellerheads as artists in a league of their own. Within months of its release, Adidas commissioned the single for a major advertising campaign, bringing 'Dive' to millions of unsuspecting television viewers around the world. Their follow up, 'Take California' was equally successful, catapulting the duo to international stardom within the space of year.

Despite their instant success, the Propellerheads have managed to avoid the restraints of genre classification. "I mean labels are good to the extent that you need somewhere to look when you go into a record shop. But beyond that, it's pretty irrelevant" Alex muses.

Their electrifying live sets have become their trademark. To see the Propellerheads on stage is to witness live performance at its best.... ask anyone who saw them at Vibes. "One thing I learned with the Grid is that's it's not easy to do this kind of stuff live in a way that's genuinely interesting.

The Propellerheads' forthcoming album is titled Decks, Drums and Rock 'n Roll (due for release early next year). Consisting of thirteen tracks and complete with De La Soul-esque vocal skits, the album features a diverse mix of melodies. "The tunes on the album vary a lot from track to track. There's quite a few old ones and loads of different new ones" Alex explains. "I think it's a good representation of where we stand at the moment".

text - Sashya Jayawardena