Rising High


Culturally inspired, musically diverse and unequivocally non-conventional. Driven by rhythmic melodies and stimulated by provocative soundscapes; Endorphin is in a symphonic field of his own.

Eric Chapus is the man behind Endorphin. As a native of France, he has travelled to some of the world's most exotic locations; now residing in Kuranda, in Queensland's Tropical North. "Paris was great. But you've gotta have a lot of money live in Paris" tells Eric. "It's a big price to pay for culture. The best way to enjoy Paris is on a holiday". The romance and radiance of Paris lurks within Eric's character and manifests itself through his music. "I'm really into melodies and modern beats to make it accessible... and because I like it. I try to blend some ethnic sounds as well" he explains. "The melodic side to me is probably because of my French background.... and the French are so romantic it's sickening".

Eric's rapid ascent into the music world has provided him with invaluable insight and education. "I've learnt so much about the music industry. I've done a lot of growing up, I've learnt how to deal with people on different levels" he confides. "Sony's been fantastic, so I consider myself extremely lucky. But I've learnt to be patient. You sign a contract and your head goes into a head spin, and you think 'I've done something that thousands of people out there are dreaming of'. And you imagine straight away that you're there. But you're not there. There's a long way to go and the best thing to do is enjoy every step of the way, because you might never get there. But just enjoy everything and learn as you go".

Endorphin's current release, 'Solar Flare' will no doubt increment his profile even further. "What I like about the track is that it's got these kind of spacey melodies, and when it starts to get you somewhere, it gets cut off with this harsh guitar - back to reality. It's kind of Yin Yang, black and white. And that's probably a reflection of what's happening inside me. You've got this melodious side of me that wants to come out, but when it gets too pretty, I go hey, 'no no'" he explains. "It's like where I live in the Tropical North. People say it's paradise, but to reflect paradise, I think, is fairly boring. If you want to reflect paradise, you've gotta compare it to something else, and not one is better than the other".

With a recently completed debut album (due for release in February), Eric has set his sights on Sydney. "I consider myself more Australian now than European" he tells. "Because of the 2000 Olympics coming up, the whole world will be watching us for the next two years; wanting Australian music, art, media... you know, whatever is coming out of Australia. I think it's a very exciting place to be, and I think Sydney is probably the best place to be".

text - Sashya Jayawardena